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Three 2 hour Behind the Wheel Sessions meet your MN licensure requirements!

Behind The Wheel Instruction (BTW)

6 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction is required for teens under 18. We schedule three 2 hr sessions for a total of 6 hours. As the student typically is required to have their permit for 6 months, we recommend classes be scheduled upon obtaining the permit, at three months, and the last lesson before the road test. This allows students to practice the skills and gain the confidence needed to successfully pass the road test! Behind the wheel instruction is available by appointment. BTW sessions are held in Buffalo. If the student lives in Buffalo, or within 15 minutes of Buffalo, they may drive themselves home at the end of the session with prior approval!


  • A "primary driving supervisor" this is the person who will supervise a teen driver for a majority of their required driving hours.
  • All driver education programs must offer a parent training course for the primary driving supervisor. This is an optional 90 minute training that covers GDL information, safety risks for teen drivers, potential adult influence on teen driving behavior, and additional resources. West Metro Driving School offers this training free to the parents of our students!
  • Teens under the age of 18 are required to present a driving log to the exam staff at the time of the road test, verifying that the teen has driven the appropriate number of hours with an adult. The log must contain the dates and lengths of driving time for the teen. It must also be signed by the primary driving supervisor who verifies the teen has driven the appropriate number of hours. The driving log will be submitted with the application for the provisional license. The log is available on the DVS website, the Office of Traffic Safety website, driver education programs, and at driver exam stations.
  • If the parent course is completed, 40 driving hours, with at least 15 hours of night driving must be logged.
  • If the primary driving supervisor chooses to not complete the supplemental parent course, 50 driving hours, with at least 15 hours of night driving must be logged.

Permit Test
You do not need an appointment to take the permit test. You do need an appointment to take the driver's test. Hours are vary according to location. Exam stations are closed weekends. DMV locations and Drivers examination online registration may be found at: https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/pages/default.aspx

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